July 23, 2014

Skipping for fat loss

Skip to Get Skinny Thighs

Remember those times when you were a little girl skipping a rope in the school-yard? It’s time to bring those skills back into your thigh and butt workout regime. Sometimes the most ‘innocent’ exercises, such as skipping, can do wonders to mix up and add some spice into your regular thigh and butt workout.   […]

How to determine low salt content

Tell Me How Much Salt You Eat and I tell You Why You Are Not Losing Fat

Are you one of those people that add salt to every meal before even trying it? You might not be, nonetheless you might still be consuming way too much salt through food products you buy.   Why should you care?   There are many reasons why salt is called ‘a silent killer’. Too much salt […]

Constipation and not losing weight on Dukan Diet

Constipation On Dukan Diet

The question about constipation on Dukan Diet comes up quite regularly in comments of my blog. I’ve been providing ad hoc advice to each reader and I thought that perhaps a blog post on this topic is prudent.   Why do we get constipated on Dukan Diet?   While not everyone will experience constipation on […]

Thigh and butt workout in gym or at home

Why Do You Go To Gym?

In the current economic climate we are all trying to save a buck and reducing costs of living. For some, this means cancelling gym membership. On a surface, gym membership seems like a ‘luxury’ that you can live without when you need to tight your belt. Sure you can do your thigh and butt workout […]

Butternut Squash For Dukan Diet Fries

Can You Eat Fries On Dukan Diet?

Did you notice that saying no to baked or mashed potatoes is not that hard, however when it comes to fries it’s quite challenging to stay away? I’m thinking it must be something to do with the shape and the facts that you can easily share them with friends as a snack. What would you […]

How To Get Jessica Biel’s Body

How To Get Jessica Biel’s Body?

  A friend of mine who has been in fitness industry for more than 20 years has forwarded me an awesome article from a renowned strength coach, Jason Feruggia. With some humor he tackles the most common question he gets asked at social events – How to get a body like Jessica Biel?   It […]

Avoid sugar and lose thigh and butt fat

You Too Can Eat Less Sugar and Lose Fat From Thighs and Butt

Now that you are aware about consequences of diet high in sugar, fat and carbohydrates, you can easily see why adults and kids can easily gain weight, and so much so if they are not active. It takes a lot of activity to burn those kilojoules, even for a small snack. I know that you […]

Easy Tips to Socialize On Dukan Diet

Easy Tips to Socialize On Dukan Diet

You are dieting and you are on dukan diet, so it is impossible to organize a dinner party with your friends. Wrong! Dukan diet is the easiest diet when it comes to socializing. If you are dinning out you will see how easy it is to order from the menu and still comply with the […]

thigh and butt exercise

Do You Hate Bikini?

There is always a good time to start working on those super lean thighs and perky butt.  And if you live in northern hemisphere I know you are wondering if there is enough time to lose fat from your thighs and butt before the summer arrives. If you get a grasp of what I’m about […]

Go sugar free to lose thigh and butt fat

Reduced Sugar Equals Less Thigh Fat

Sugar – Some see it as ‘evil’ ingredient best to be avoided for others feels like a treat to satisfy that ‘sweet tooth’.  On its own, a little bit of sugar is not bad for you and if consumed in moderation it is unlikely to cause you any harm. A spread of jam on multigrain […]

Balanced diet helps you lose weight from your thighs and butt

Eating Healthy, Yet You Gained Weight?

Have you ever heard someone say “I eat healthy yet I gained weight. I have fat on my thighs and butt. How is this possible?” There are two possible scenarios:  A person is eating health food, however their diet isn’t balanced. Perhaps there is not enough variety of different types of food. While they might […]

Tips to lose fat from thighs and butt

Can Healthy Food Make You Fat?

Healthy food is your enemy when you are on a diet to lose fat from your thighs and butt. Sounds contradictory? It is. Some food, even though is generally healthy and good for you can secretly masquerade all the good and actually be the reason why you are not shifting those stubborn few kilos. You […]

Chicken Salad For Dukan Diet Attack Phase

Chicken and Egg Salad For Dukan Diet Attack Phase

Some people find attack phase of dukan diet and later pure protein days a bit hard and with time quite boring. They end up eating same food over and over. Mostly this means cans of tuna or eggs with occasional stake. Does this sound like you?   An important aspect of dukan diet plan is […]

Thigh and butt workout in the pool

Are You Losing Thigh Fat This Summer? (part 2)

The most beautiful thing about summer is that you can ditch the gym. Well just the gym, not your thigh and butt workout. This is the time to take the most out of warm weather, get outdoors, especially if you are living in areas with cold and wet winters. If you do you thigh and […]

Are you losing thigh fat this summer

Are You Losing Thigh Fat This Summer? (part 1)

If you are living in the southern hemisphere you are probably enjoying the abundance of sun, hot weather and the joys of summer. With that comes a lot of socialising (think extra food, drinks and ‘sins’), however this doesn’t have to mean an end of your efforts to lose fat from your thighs and butt. […]

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