July 24, 2014

3 Simple Tips To Lose Fat Fast From Your Thighs

Lose fat fast from your thighsIf you are aiming for nicely shaped, toned thighs, there are two things you must do to achieve your goal. One of them is exercise and the second is the right nutrition. This article will concentrate on nutrition part of the equation.

For toned thighs is imperative you lose thigh fat (and create more muscle). A correct nutrition is the first place you need to focus on to lose fat fast. You must ensure that you have good diet to start losing fat.

There are three simple things that will ensure your nutrition is right for losing fat on your thighs, and also the rest of your body.

1. Low and Healthy Fats Intake

When you are trying to lose fat, therefore you must understand one basic rule – You can’t lose body fat if you are consuming fat. This means that, when you are on your fat loss diet, you should not eat any food that has a fat content higher than 4%. Even, if it’s a ‘good’ one – so, no cheese, no oil (even olive oil), no seeds and nuts. Your fat intake should come only from fish, lean meat and low fat dairy products. You body will get enough fat, but also use up the reserves to make the energy.

Once you reached your goal and you are no longer on fat loss diet, you must make sure that you mostly consume healthy fats. This is really important to help you control your appetite and the levels of hormones in your body that control muscle building and fat burning. This means no junk food – at least not too often.

Where do you find healthy fats?  The best known healthy fats are in:

  • Fish,
  • extra virgin olive oil or sesame oil,
  • raw nuts and seeds,
  • avocados, to name just few.

2. Protein Intake

The biggest mistake that many women do is that they don’t consume enough protein. No protein, no muscle building, no muscle, no toned thighs and no great butt – Simple as that.

The proteins are essential for lean muscle building and the bigger the muscle, more calories you burn and more fat you lose. It will also boost up your metabolism, so you will burn off calories quicker, which will aid you in your goal to have lean, firm thighs.

A serve of a high quality protein source should be part of your every meal. It can come from low-fat dairy, lean meat, fish, and chicken. Avoid soy beans, lentils, chickpeas and beans, if you are on fat loss diet, as they are high in carbohydrates. But if are not, they are a great source of protein and alternative to other variations.

3. Processed Carbohydrates are you enemy

Processed carbohydrates are probably the reason, which made you search for information to learn how to firmer your thighs and lose fat fast.  Without going too much into science, they are the ones that cause fat storage in your body. They help discharge of insulin, which in turn encourages fat to be produced and stored.

You should avoid eating:

  • Starchy food; such as pasta, bread, potatoes, crackers, peas, legumes, beans, lentils, corn
  • cereal
  • refined sugars
  • pastries and biscuits
  • fruit and fruit juices

Once you are no longer on fat loss diet, you can consume these occasionally, but try not to eat them non-refined or processed and not after 6pm.

Few points for conclusion

You might be thinking this doesn’t sound like a balanced diet, as promoted by many nutritionists. Just because you cannot see a certain nutrient with a naked eye, it doesn’t mean that it’s not present in your food.

Also, when you are trying to lose fat, you must obey these simple rules to reach your goal. If you eating everything you wish, it will not happen and you will not lose fat from your thighs and butt or any other parts for that matter. Especially, if you current diet it’s not healthy. Once you lose fat, slim down and tone your thighs, your diet will become less strict and you will be allowed to consume pasta and similar food, but not excessively. This is where the balance part kicks in.

Remember, once you become slim you want to stay slim – Fat and weight loss, is as much about changing lifestyle habits, as it is about dropping dress sizes. Healthy eating must become priority, if not, you will refer back where you started. And you don’t want that. So, stick to it!


  1. I love the part when you said “If you eating everything you wish, it will not happen and you will not lose fat from your thighs and butt or any other parts for that matter”. This is so true, it is not hard to lose weight only if you change you eating behavioral patterns. Big problem for people is eating late, maybe they need something like good James Bond Watch to do it?


  2. Cutting out carbohydrates is one of the most effective ways for weightloss and I am walking proof. Eating a several Cruskits every few days and one wrap a day was enough to suffice. It sounds drastic but it’s surprising where you can find carbohydrates in today’s food. The first two weeks are a killer but it’s worth it. It’s different for everyone so don’t think one option will be the overall winner! This one worked for me but try what you think works :)

  3. Hi Anna,

    While it may sounds drastic, you are still getting plenty of carbohydrates from vegetables and also meat. The problem with carbohydrates such as pasta, white bread etc is when we eat them every day and most of times we mix them with naughty sauces, toppings. As you said everyone is different, but I think if you base your diet on meals which combe protein (fish, lean meat, eggs) and vegetables, you can’t go wrong. Thanks for sharing your experience :)

  4. Lauren says:

    I really hate to admit it but carbs are the enemy when it comes to weight loss. I find that everyone’s body is different and I can eat brown rice and sweet potatoes in moderation everyday. But the flours, and sugars I have to keep to a minimum and you are right about the time of day. Its so simple, but hard to give up. You just have to stay focused on your goal and know doughnuts will be there next year.

  5. You are right, we are all different and to lose weight we need to sacrifice few things. The important thing to remember is that once we achieve our weight goals, we can’t just go back to our old ways. Our body is waiting on opportunity to recuperate lost reserves, so we will gain weight suddenly. You need to bring carbs back to your diet slowly. Also, doughnut are award and not every day food :) If you eat sweets everyday, you will soon be back where you started before the diet. All in moderation, even when you are skinny.

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