July 23, 2014

How to Get Beach Perfect Thighs and Perky Butt in 2 Weeks

Get Beach Perfect Thighs and Perky Butt in 2 weeksWith skimpy session around the corner, a time to get bikini fit-fast is almost running out. But don’t panic – with these 4 lower body blaster exercises you will see your thighs downsize and your butt perk-up in 2 weeks. So get up from the couch and make it happen.

The idea of this exercise routine is to do a short 30min high-intensity metabolic acceleration workout. It will raise your metabolism and after the workout you will still burn bucket-load of calories while sitting on your butt for the rest of the day.

So here is how it works:

  • You need to do 4 sets of each of the exercises below
  • A set is a 20 seconds of fast hardcore movement, then 10 seconds rest
  • After you finish all of the exercise, you repeat the whole cycle again

If you don’t have timer on your watch, I’m sure your Smart phone has one.Or you can just download an app, like Gym Boss and set up interval timer. If non of this works for you then can use normal watch that counts seconds. This means when you are in gym try to find a position where you can see a wall clock. Most gyms have many placed around on walls right for this purpose.

Now you’re ready to start.

1 – FULL SQUAT with a twist

1. Stand in correct posture with feet hip-width apart, toes pointed forward.
2. Sink into a full squat until your butt almost touches your calves.
3. Now come halfway up until your thighs are parallel to the ground.
4. Then lower back down again into the deep full squat.
5. Finish by standing straight up, driving forward from your hips and squeezing your butt as you stand tall.
6. You should keep your back straight at all times.

If you have a pre-existing knee injury or if you feel pain in knees when performing this exercise, you should only do a normal squat; go only low to the point where your thighs are parallel to the ground.


1. Stand in correct posture with feet hip-width apart, toes pointed forward.
2. Reach forward with your arms as you drop into your deep squat.
3. Jump up as explosively as you can, driving down with your arms.
4.Then lower yourself back into the squat to complete.


Curtsy lung is like a normal lunge just that the legs are crossed and the knees are turned out a little bit more than our regular straight-on lunge.

1. Stand in correct posture with feet hip-width apart, toes pointed forward, hands on hips.
2. Step forward with your right foot, crossing over your left. You right food should be on 45-degree angle.
3. Bend your knees and lower your hips until your right thigh is nearly parallel to the floor.
4. Drive off the right foot, pushing back until you are standing up straight again.


1. Start in the lunge position with your right foot forward.
2.Lower your left knee straight down until it’s an inch off the ground.
3. Jump up and switch legs so you land in the lunge positions again but with your left leg forward
4. Keep switching legs.

It is important that you keep you back straight, not forward, during all these exercises.

With time, you can increase intensity by doing exercises faster. However, don’t ever sacrifice technique over speed. Only correctly performed exercises will bring fast results and that beach perfect thighs and butt.

Also, the idea of this circuit is intensity, so pushing your limits is a must. No gain no pain, so why not invite a friend for a workout and you can each push each other exercising together or one after another. You’ll see, it’s so much easier to achieve goals and definitely more fun if you are training with some. Not to mention, showing-off your toned legs and perky butt at the beach with your best friend will also bring more joy – double trouble ??


This intensive thighs and butt workout does wonders. If you don’t see results, you are probably eating poorly. Do you mainly eat take-away, junk food , pasta, bread and not enough protein? Does this sound like you? You might want to consider trying a high protein diet, such as dukan diet plan. From my experience, it’s the only diet that ever helped me lose fat from my thighs.


  1. Jamila says:

    wwill this work for a 12 year old? im 12 i weigh 113.3 lbs and im 5’0

  2. well i weigh 115 now so yh……..LOL gain and lose uncontrollably so…………..

  3. Hi Jamila,

    No reason why it shouldn’t. You might even get better results as your body is not over-exhausted from too much dieting.
    Good luck girl!

  4. Hi, i really hope this works, im on drill team and work out like crazy for two to four hours a day for 5 days each week but still have yet to get the legs and butt ive been wanting. I’d absolutely LOVE to be able to wear shorts without feeling so self conscious and especially have a super toned butt by summer (time to rock that bikini)! (: Do you think this is gonna help me and do you know if it really works? Ill give it a shot and come back in a few weeks but itd be great to know beforehand! Thanks so much (:

  5. Hi Alisa,

    I’m a bit worried that you might be over-exercising yourself hence you are not getting results. Body grows muscles while resting, so you need to be mindful of that. I wrote an article on this topic and I encourage you to read it (click here). I’m also worried that you might not be exercising with enough intensity. I cannot imagine working out intensively for four hours. My advice is that you limit yourself to one hour training but with full intensity.

    This thigh and butt workout routine is great and it works but you must push yourself to your limit, otherwise it won’t work.

    As you know, exercise is only one part of the equation, healthy diet is the other one. You can exercise as much but if you eat bad food you will not succeed. I achieved the best fat loss results whilst on dukan diet and regularly exercising. It really works on using fat from your fat reserves and it will get you toned in no time… very easy to follow as well.

    I hope this helps and good luck!
    Makes sure you come back and let me know how you went or if you need any further tips or motivation :)

  6. Is it normal 2 feel wobbly on your legs after doing this exercise?

  7. Hi Kat – I’m not sure what exactly do you mean, but sounds to me like you pushed yourself hard and your thighs muscles have been working hard. They should hurt after this routine….that’s why it’s so efficient. Make sure you stretch your after and at any other times if your thighs are ‘hurting’. This is especially important the next day after efficient workout. Good job :)

  8. I found that when i walked my legs felt wobbly and unsteady, how often should i do this to get well toned legs and bum?

  9. happy New Year Kat

    That’s because you worked your legs well. You should exercise every second day, and maybe do some walking in between those days. resting is as important for building muscles as it is training. If you do this exercise regularly, you will soon start noticing more tone and shape in yoru legs. But don’t forget – diet is also important. If you eat bad, your exercise efforts will not get results. Keep on good work and let me know how you go :)

  10. ANUSHREE says:


  11. Hi – thanks for your comment. The exercise in this post is really efficient for thighs, hops and bum. Do it every second day and on the days between stretch and go for a longer, intensive walk. Unfortunately weight loss happens all over your body. What is your typical nutrition? What do you eat during the day?

    I was doing sports regularly and only after I did dukan diet, I’ve seen great weight loss results, including my thighs, hips and butt. Because of high protein intake and minimum carbs, my thighs became toned and even cellulite is mostly gone. I would suggest you try it in combination with exercise. It worked for me.

    As for stretch marks. They are usual a result of quick weight gain and skin was not able to adapt. they will be less visible once you lose weight, but they will never be gone. Unless you try laser treatments.

    Let me know if this was helpful


  12. hey :)

    i want to try this out but I’m scared about one thing..

    i have a butt already but its fat, everything i eat goes to my thighs and butt..my upper body is very shinny..im about 5’5 and 110lbs

    I’m just scared that once i start doing squats/lunges and along with this workout my butt size will decrease…i DO NOT want that to happen..i just want it perky and maybe increase size a bit and my thighs to be toned

    so can i still do this workout?
    and will squats/lunges decrease what i have?

    plz help me

  13. Hi Sara,

    If I understand this right you wish to keep the size but have more muscle on your butt. With these thigh and butt exercise routine (and others) you will start gaining more muscles and burn fat, hence looked more toned and shaped. Unless you go on a fat loss diet such as dukan diet you will not be downsizing just getting more toned. You don’t need to be scared :)

  14. okay thank you, because i went on some other websites n they said squats can decrease butt size and i got scared lol yes i do not want to lose my butt just want it perkier and toned thighs… :)

  15. There’s a lot of contradictory information out there. But to relay make your butt smaller you will need to go on fat loss diet as well. Exercise only without diet will keep you toned but no drastic changes. Just better shape ;)

  16. Jennifer says:

    Hi, will this workout help you lose the fat on your legs, and get them good looking?? I want to be able to wear shorts and skirts without having to be ashamed.

  17. Hi Jennifer – this exercise will tone up your muscles for sure. If you have fat on your legs and cellulite, I would recommend that you also go on a fat loss diet; a diet that it’s high in protein and low in carbs (my favorite is dukan diet). This will help your muscles to grow, while still losing fat. The biggest mistake that you can do to your fatty thighs, is to skip meals and not eat enough protein. Meaning you only eat vegetables and fruit or dany fad diets that restrict intake of calories too much. While you might lose weight and size down, your thighs will look fatty with even more cellulite as you will be losing you muscle not the actual fat. I hope this helps you, if not, feel free to ask more :)

  18. Jade says:

    This has worked well on my legs but done nothing for my butt, im skinny so i don’t want to diet, any suggestions?

  19. Hi Jade – Could you tell me a bit more ab out what you wish to achieve. More muscle on your butt, lift it etc. :)

  20. Jade says:

    I want to build the muscle and get rid of the fat but the exercises don’t seem to work on my bum and upper legs :\

  21. Here are two exercises that are very efficient for gluts – your butt and with minimal thigh involvement:
    1 – Weighted glute bridge x10 reps. If you are in a gym use barbell, if at home substitute the barbell for a back pack with something heavy inside. Here is a demo video. Of course you start with less weight :)

    2- Single leg hip thrust x20 reps per side Here is a demo of this exercise

    Alternate between the two exercises for 3 to 5 total sets. Aim for a butt squeeze at the top of each rep.

    Also before doing these butt exercises you need to stretch your hip flexors – see this demo

    I hope this works for you. Please report back how are you finding these exercises. Thanks

  22. katy says:

    i want to loose weight o my thighs and butt and get a good figure….

  23. Hi Kathy – you can lose weight from your thighs and butt with intensive exercise and fat loss diet. This thigh and butt workout is great, as for the diet I’m a great fan of dukan diet and there is a whole section on my blogif you want to know more about it. And if you need any help, please let me know :)

  24. teresa says:

    I’m a 5’7 that weighs 120 lbs I have skinny legs and I hate wearing shorts because I feel uncomfortable, I want bigger legs toned and firm, what should I do

  25. Hi Teresa,

    Can I exchange my legs with yours :)
    Two things are important in building muscle; eating lots of protein and exercise. Make sure that you eat protein with every meal. Choose lean options (fish, chicken, eggs, lean cuts of read meat etc). It is recommended to eat ” .36 grams per pound of body weight or .8 grams per kilogram of body weight. For muscle building, Nancy Clark, MS, RD, recommends increasing the amount to .7 to .8 grams per pound of body weight or 1.5 to 1.7 gram per kilogram of body weight.” (Source livestrong.com)

    As for exercises, any type of squats, lunges, leg press and abductor, adductor. If you can join the gym, at the start you should receive a program that suits your needs. Ask you specifically wish to gain muscle on your legs. Bike riding is also very good for leg muscles. If you browse category firming and tonning you will find some great workouts for thighs and butt.
    I hope this helps as a start up :)

  26. gigi says:

    Hi, um, I’m 16 & well I don’t have such a big butt. But will this excersice work for me ? I have fast metabolism..I just want it too look perky & toned, well it work??

  27. Hi Gigi – it will definitely work as it focuses on thighs and butt and it’s quite intensive. Few comments above I also added 2 other exercises that concentrate only on butt and are awesome – they are weighted glute bridge and single leg hip thrust – see links few comments above. You can perhaps alternate between these two routines, so you don’t get bored. Let us know if you like them.

  28. kristen says:

    im not sure if I am having the same concerns as the others posting… I am 5’5 nd 165 lbs. for my whole life i have been teased about not having a butt.. its flat and i dont have any rounding or hip slope or back slope.. just flat. my mom and dad both have flat butts so i was wondering if this will work for me. i dont want to spend money on having a brazilian lift… if this works id much rather do that… thanks

  29. pratishruti says:

    is it really gonna work out???????

  30. allie says:

    hi i have tried SOO many different types of excersises and this one seems to work the best so far! but how long will it take to get your butt perkier and bigger?

  31. Hi Kristen,

    Genetics plays some role in how we look, however with right exercises we can ‘fix’ genetics, and butt is definitely a body part that can be naturally enhanced. And butt exercise will help however if you are really up for making you butt look bigger and perkier you should start an intensive ‘butt building’ workout program. One of the best ones in the e-book market is most definitely Gluteus to the Maximus created by renowned fitness guru Nick Nilsson. he created a special program for women that does wonders and what’s the best is that it costs less then an hour with personal trainer. Check it out with testimonials at http://www.firmthighsandbutt.com/gluteusmaximus
    Let me know how you go :)

  32. If you follow the routine I’m confident you will see changes in 2 weeks. I did it. While it might work better for some then others, you will never know unless you try it.
    Pls come back and let us know how you went and if anything was a challenge?

  33. Depending on current situation of your butt and your desires of how it should look. You should feel the difference after 2 week of doing exercise. However to completely reshape your butt will take more work. And each day of right exercise is step forward to achieving your goal. Please see a link in one of my comments for a great butt re-shaping program :)

  34. Steph says:

    I have really muscular legs, they are HUGE and I’m really self conscious about them, will these exercises slim down my legs as well as tone them??

  35. Hi Steph – if your thighs are already muscular you don’t need more toning; toning is prettier name for muscular. You just need to determine if there is any fat that you need to lose first. If yes – fat loss diets like dukan diet are great for that. If you are full of muscle and would like leaner legs you will need a special training regime. Let me know which situation you are in and we can continue our dialog. (i’m back in full swing writing my blog, so my responses will be much faster :) )

  36. Mary says:

    Hello, Tea !
    I have a question or two (: Really hope you reply !
    I’m fourteen years old, I don’t know my height or my weight right now, but they’re not really involved in this, so never mind that. The thing is I am very skinny on my upper part (say Victoria’s Secret model type. Yes, I’m proud xD), but I’m sort of thick on my bottom part. My butt is actually already perky, but it can never do wrong to perk it up a bit more, right ? :D My legs are normal, I’m not afraid to show them, I mean I can wear shorts and dresses and stuff like that, but I’d just like to tone them a bit. My inner thighs touch , and my outter are just a bit too curvy. I’d just like to loose enough so that my inner thighs don’t touch and loose a little outter curve,do you think this workout is as intensive as I need it to be ?
    Thanks so much,
    Mary x

  37. Hi Mary – this thigh and butt workout is great as it works your whole legs and butt plus abs. It will definitely be beneficial for you. Any type of squats and lunges are great for inner and outer thigh. Try also walking up hill, running, kickboxing or tae-bo. Try also this thigh workout routine from my blog

    I would also like to note, that your position of hips, wide or narrow, (genetic) can predispose your upper thighs. So be realistic if it is really fat or just your body. I personally have narrow hips, so when I have just few kilos more, my inner thighs are touching. At the best of times they are together. It’s frustrating but unless I wish to look “anorexic” I just need to accept that this is how I am build.
    I hope this helps :)

  38. angie says:

    Hey, so I want to start these exercises to lose weight. I am 5’3 and 119lbs. I’m scared that if I start them I will gain weight because muscles weigh more than fat…? So will I lose weight or..?

    Thanks :)

  39. Hi Angie – the question you need to be asking yourself is, do you want to have less pounds or do you want to look leaner as well. Yes muscles weight more then fat but the more muscle you have the better you will look. So doing this exercise will only tone you a bit. You will not bulk up, if that’s what you are afraid of. I know numbers on scale are indicators but it is how you look and feel that counts. There is a difference in just losing weight, then it is to lose weight and also fat.

    To get better results you should also cut out proceeds carbs (sugar, pasta, bread) and eat mainly lean protein, vegetables and fiber. Only then you will truly have great weight loss results.
    I hope this helps. :)

  40. Summer says:

    HI, im 13 and 4’11. im a 112 pounds. My friends say im not fat but when ever i look in the mirror my legs and butt look very terrible. i try not to eat alot a day and intake a little bit of calories to help me lose weight. do you think there is a specific weight i should be at ? if so please say. also will this excersise really work in 2 weeks ? and how much should i do them a day?

  41. :( please help ! ill doing anything to get small legs thighs and butt! can you tell me more ways to. is riding a bike around good walking?

  42. Dear Summer – the important thing to know is that not eating will not make you slimmer. It will actually slow down your metabolism and you will loss less fat then if you eat healthy. I’m not sure what your diet is but here is how you eat health. Each meal should contain some form of protein (fish, chicken, meat, eggs, low fat diary products) and vegetables. If you are trying to get slimmer you minimize eating processes carbohydrates bread, pasta, sugar, lollies, chocolate, chips etc…You are still very young and if you are exercising and staying away from junk food and sweets, I’m sure you will soon see results.

    As for this particular exercise, you need to follow this rythm:
    You need to do 4 sets of each of the exercises described
    A set is a 20 seconds of fast hardcore movement, then 10 seconds rest
    After you finish all of the exercise, you repeat the whole cycle again

    The more cycles tou do the better, but the key is in performing exercises correctly. I’m sure then you will feel your thighs and butt already after first repetition.

    Good luck!

  43. any exercise is good, brisk walking, running, riding, kickboxing, dancing – as long as you are also eating healthy.

    If you eat poorly then it will be a struggle to get there :)

  44. sunny says:

    Hi, Tea!
    I don’t think I can do this exercise on mondays and thursdays, so I just have 5 days in a week to fully concentrate on doing this. Can I get an optimal result by doing so? I don’t mind not getting the result within 2 weeks, I just want to get the perfect thigh and butt, no matter how much time it takes.

    also, do this exercise can reduce cellulite? Or if possible, make it disappear? It’s so embarrassing to have them on my thighs and knees!

    Thanks so much!

  45. Hi Sunny,

    Resting between workouts is as important as exercise itself, because during the rest the muscles are growing. If you really exercise intensely and push yourself, you should be quite in pain the next day after this exercise. So I would preform theme very second day. On the days in between I would stretch and go for a walk or do yoga or pilates. Something less intense or exercises for a different muscle group such as abs exercise.

    As you know exercise is only one part of equation to lose fat from your thighs and butt, and cellulite. The other part is food. I would try fat loss diet. I had great success with dukan diet, so I would definitely recommend it, as it really gets rid of fat and helps get rid of cellulite as well.

  46. Kathleen says:

    Hi Tea! So I was wondering…
    I have a smaller upper body but gigantic thighs and a droopy butt. I have gone to a bunch of online sources and there are many mixed opinions. Some say if you want to have smaller thighs than stay away from toning and building muscle because this makes them look bigger (is this true??) but my bum is fairly flat so I want it to look perkier. What is the best way to make my thighs look thinner but at the same time making my bum look better? ;) and will I get immediate results after doing this every other day for 2 weeks?? :)

  47. Hi Kathleen,

    When you say gigantic thighs, I’m assuming you need to lose fat as well as tone them? The best and only way is to do any kind of intense exercise, and this thigh and butt workout is perfect, but you will also need to change how you eat. For me personally dukan diet did wonders. If you don’t wish to embark on dukan diet journey, you can still get results by eating lots of lean protein, vegetables (no potatoes, beans and other starchy vegetables) and minimize sugar intake (including fruit), processed carbs (bread, pasta, rice). Only healthy low fat and low sugar diet with high protein content and regular exercise will get you see results. But if you want fast results and also losing fat not muscle then dukan diet is my recommendation. You can read all about it in the ‘my dukan diet’ section of my blog.
    Let me know if you have more questions ;)

  48. Sophia says:

    Hi I’m going on vacation in exactly two weeks and I was wondering if I did 16 sets of 20 regular squats I can have a perky butt and smaller thighs also if I lower my calorie intake by only having 2000 calories a day and running a mile every other day on 5mph what do you think I would lose or look like I’m 13 and 124 pounds 5″3″ one more question is it possible to loose hip fat in two weeks if so please tell me how thanks!

  49. Hi Sophia,

    If you are already exercising and not losing weight you need to consider what is your diet. Exercise and eat lean protein and vegetables, no sugar or fats and you will see results really fast.
    good luck :)

  50. Thanks for the write-up. My partner and i have continually noticed that most people are needing to lose
    weight as they wish to appear slim plus attractive.
    Having said that, they do not generally realize that there are more benefits so that
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    The great thing is that people who’re overweight in addition to suffering from various diseases
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