July 25, 2014

Which Butt Do You Want To Have?

Reshape your butt with correct workoutSmall, big, flat, perky or flabby, butts come in many sizes and shapes. But there’s one thing that most of us have in common, we are not happy with how our butt looks. Through time, I found out that there are as many people who want a bigger butt as there are those who want to make it smaller.

There is also no common understanding about what exactly makes a perfect butt. There are as many tastes as there are shapes of bums.

With correct exercises and right nutrition you can achieve your goal of reshaping your butt, whether it is to tone or add some curves. You also need consider your genetics to set realistic goals.

So, if you are happy with your weight and you are trying to perk up and add curves to your backside, your path to the perfect butt is somewhat easier. The most common mistake that people make is to eat less and do mostly cardio training, while in fact you need to add calories to your diet and perform exercises with weights or using your body weight. You need to add more protein in your diet combined with carbs and healthy fats to achieve the optimal conditions for muscle growth. Your goal is to build more muscle mass, to be able to reshape your butt. The correct nutrition is so important that can make or break your butt reshaping efforts.

On the other hand, if you have curves and you need to tone your butt, you will need to lose fat in that area. This means you will need to embark on a fat loss diet in addition to your butt toning program. There are many diets out there to achieve weight loss. But be careful, a diet that does not contain enough protein will be detrimental to your goal, as the body will start reducing muscle mass. And you need muscle mass, to avoid you butt looking flabby and full of cellulite. My favorite diet is the Dukan diet. It does exactly what you need – it reduces fat and it is very easy to follow because you are actually ‘allowed to eat’.

As for your butt workout routine it should consist of cardio training to shed calories as well as specific butt exercises. Avoid running. Although it’s great for spending calories, it flattens the body and it’s an enemy for curves. Try stepper, elliptical machine, uphill walking or martial arts. Exercise is very important but the fact is that without fat loss diet and lower calorie intake you will not be able to achieved curvy yet toned butt.

Remember, which ever type of butt you want to have, the key is a good nutritional strategy and correct workout routine.

Stay tuned for simple butt exercises that you can perform also at home, followed by butt workout that you can perform in fitness.

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  1. Irene says:

    hey i want to make mmy butt smaller,what kind of exercise should i do?and what kind of food should i eat to keep my butt and body stay thin an beautiful?

  2. Hi Irene – for me a diet that had the most effect was dukan diet. Basically your normal diet should be based around consuming lean protein and vegetables, and minimizing intake of sugars, processed carbs (bread, pasta), rice, fruit (just one serve a day), avoiding junk food and soft drink. If you mostly eat like this you will stay thin. From what you wrote, I gather you need to lose some fat on your butt – my recommendation ‘dukan diet’ – it worked for me and many others! If you add to that any exercise, you will see results very soon. In general, all types of squats and lunges, hip-lift progression, single leg front rises…there is heaps. As you know we can target were we lose weight from…it happens overall in our body. But we can reshape muscles. If you start with a dukan diet and adding any regular exercise, you will get smaller butt :)

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