July 24, 2014

How to Stick to Dukan Diet Plan or Any Diet during Festive Season?

Dukan Diet Plan during ChristmasI used to think that it is impossible to watch what you eat or diet during festive season (Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year). I would tell myself “There’s so much delicious “naughty” food around, there’s no way I can control myself to stay away from it. O well, it’s only a month and I’ll get back on track in a new year.” Of course a month of overeating high calorie foods, booze and sweets equalled extra pounds and starting New Year even more miserable, desperate to lose them before summer…and then the summer couldn’t arrive sooner. Still overweight, tired of dieting and exercising, I hated myself…Now thinking back, this was my cycle for many years – and I bet you can recognise yourself in this story too.


So what is different this time around?


First, I found a diet that really worked for me; that is dukan diet plan.

Secondly, I realised you can’t have control unless you take control. This means, if you are already doing so well on your dukan diet plan, this is not the time to let go. If you stick to it, you will start New Year happy, motivated, lighter and proud and it will be only a matter of time when you will achieve desired dukan diet results and full weight loss success. If you set your mindset that it’s ok to binge all December, this is exactly what you will do – and later regrate it. Instead change your mindset to be true to your dukan diet plan and eating healthy.


Easier said than done?


Let’s be honest – Think about how many actual “festive moments” are in the festive season. If you are very ‘busy’, you probably have one or two social functions a week (private and work) up until Christmas. That leaves at least 5 days in a week when you can eat healthy, on your own terms or remaining on your dukan diet plan.


You need to set yourself up for success. So, what I would like you to do now is to:


  1. make yourself a promise (say it out loud so that it counts) that on each day that you are not socialising, you will stay true to your dukan diet plan or eating healthy (if you are not dieting).
  2. set a morning reminder for each day when you are not socialising along the lines “Today I will stay true to my dukan diet plan” (or Today I will eat healthy). This is important as you need to re-program your mind and this can only happen through repetition of a new mind set. You can do it as a phone reminder or write it on a piece of paper then stick it next to your bed or in the bathroom, so you can see it every morning.
  3. The day after socialising, have a pure protein day or eat light if you are not on the dukan diet plan.

These 3 simple steps helped me stick to my dukan diet plan during last year’s festive season. If you follow them, you will succeed too.  Imagine what would that give you?



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