July 23, 2014

Proven Solution to Help You Stay True to Your Thigh and Butt Workout During Festive Season

Keep up your thigh and butt workout during festive seasonWe are well and truly in the busy season of the year and as we run off our feet with work demands, end-of-year-jobs and of course joyous Christmas and New Year plans, one of the first things we sacrifice is our thigh and butt workout. Most days it feels like there is not enough time to complete all tasks and 1 hr gym workout just doesn’t seem to fit the schedule. Top that with diet full of sugar and fat in all yummy seasonal food and you will position yourself for unhappy start of the new year. This year, don’t let this happen to you! I recently spoke about how to keep up with the dukan diet plan or any weight loss diet during festive season, and now let see what adjustments you can make to keep up with your thigh and butt workout – even during this busy festive season.


1 – Cut the time, not the workout

You might not be able to find time for your regular thigh and butt workout, though I’m positive you can get hold of 10 min in your day for an intensive thigh and butt workoute. Recent research has found that shorter workout sessions can be just as beneficial (some think even more), provided you put real intensity into it.


Another way is to break thigh and butt workout regime in few 10min sessions at different times in the day. Perhaps you can do 10 min jog in the morning before work or just few sessions of squats, then at lunch time brisk 10min walk (running around the shops counts as well) and maybe some skipping or thigh and butt exercises at night.


2 – Wake up earlier

Researchers discovered that any exercise in the morning before your first meal really kick-starts your metabolism and sets you up for a day in regard to calories consumptions. This means that the body needs to produce energy from stored reserves (fat) rather than food to perform physical activity. If you wish to lose thigh and butt fat, tap into a workout before breakfast. You will really sense the difference it makes to your thigh and butt fat loss.


Not a morning person? Neither am I. But listen the good news – you don’t need 1 hr long workout to get this effect. A mere 10min of push ups, squats or sit-ups will set you up for a great, energy full day with a benefit of high metabolic rate, higher consumption of calories and hence no storing fat. The benefits are far greater than not doing it. So set your alarm to 15min earlier and get on with it. Does this motivate you? Consider how you will feel when you see scale numbers dropping or at least keeping same during the festive times.


You can follow this proven simple morning regime:

  1. Pick one exercise; e.g squats, push-ups, sit-ups
  2. Start with 6 series and gradually build to 12.
  3. In each series make as many repetitions as you can. This means keep doing them until you feel the pain.
  4. Then rest 10sec in between series.

Naturally you will be able to do many more repetitions in the first round then in the last. The key is to push yourself to your limits. Don’t just give up at 10 or any number you think it’s the most you can get out of you. I find that not counting, but concentrating on exercise performance and force will make me do more reps. Push yourself out of your comfort zone. You want results, don’t you?


3 – Make exercise your priority

If you don’t, you will never do it – Simple as this!

  1. Write a list of all things you need to do in a day.
  2. Prioritize your list. This means give each task a number from 1-10, with 1 being the highest priority.
  3. Now ask yourself, is any item on your list more important than a half an hour of thigh and butt workout?


Remember, exercise is not just for looks, but it is essential for healthy body and mind. It prevents a suite of serious diseases. Now consider your to-do list – would you be able to fulfil these tasks if you are unwell. No? You see now why the exercise is your priority?


Do I hear you still have trouble finding a spot on your to-do list for your thigh and butt workout?

Now, be really honest with yourself and add the time you spend watching TV. Did you know that an average person in US spends 7 hours a day watching TV? I trust you do less, but take some of this time for thigh and butt workout.


As crazy busy as the times might be these few weeks, at least now you know that with these simple tips you CAN fit your thigh and butt workout in your busy schedule. So, why not take 10min now? Action brings results and results bring sense of achievement. Imagine what would that give you?



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