July 25, 2014

Easy Tips to Socialize On Dukan Diet

Easy Tips to Socialize On Dukan Diet

You too can socialize on Dukan diet!

You are dieting and you are on dukan diet, so it is impossible to organize a dinner party with your friends. Wrong! Dukan diet is the easiest diet when it comes to socializing. If you are dinning out you will see how easy it is to order from the menu and still comply with the Dukan diet.


When you are choosing your meal look for options such as:

  •  Fish – steamed, baked or grilled.
  • Seafood – prawns, muscles, oysters, calamari etc
  • Chicken – grilled, cooked, oven baked. Chicken breasts are your preferable option
  • Steak – chose lean cuts such as rump.


Once you’ve decided on a main ingredient add mixed salad or order grilled or cooked vegetables as your side dish.

Always check your salad ingredients or simply order a green salad. Tell your waiter that you wish to season it yourself. Then only use a little bit of salt, pepper and vinegar.

Things to avoid:


1 - Any food with a sauce as the sauces will contain lots of salt, butter and other adjectives you need to avoid on Dukan diet.


2 - Pre-prepared salad dressings. Very high in calories, too much oil, salt and other ingredients you must avoid


3 – Bread rolls. Ask waiter to take them away. If they stay on the table, you are more likely to eat them. Of course if you are dining with a group of people you can’t punish them all because you are on the Dukan diet. Just ask them to be put out of your reach.


4 – Alcohol. Yes, if you are serious about it. There will be plenty opportunities to have it once you are off the Dukan diet.


5 – Deserts – it is highly unlikely that you will find in a restaurant a desert that is Dukan diet proof. There are desert recipes in Dukan Diet Book that you can use, so treat yourself at home on some other occasion or prepare it in advance and have it when you arrive home.


6 – Fruit


How to avoid temptations?

1 – Choose your meal before you go to the restaurant

These days most restaurants have their menu on-line. Check it for the most dukan diet proof meal; see if you need to replace/change anything. Once in a restaurant avoid going through the menu again. You already made a decision what you want.


2 – Get an ally

Make a deal with your partner or a friend. Ask them to remind you that you are on dukan diet when choosing a meal or give you a sign when you are reaching for that bread roll or whatever your sin is. Awareness is a key to success and sometimes we are unaware of our bad habits. Once we see them we will likely to make the right choice.

Yes, I know you are responsible for your actions, but sometimes a little help goes a long way.


3 – Entertain at home

If you are entertaining at home, you are the chef, so sticking to the Dukan diet is easier as you will not be tempted to side track.


It is easier to socialize on dukan diet when you are on a protein + vegetables day as you will have more options to choose from. If you must, swap days and have two dukan diet pure protein days on each side of your socializing day (before and after).


If you are having a celebration, by all means celebrate, but get back on dukan diet immediately next day with pure protein day. And if you’ve been drinking make that two protein days.  I personally find that if I’m having some drinks but I’m stick to the dukan diet food wise, I repair the damage easier than if I completely let go.


I know you got a feel for how easy it is to incorporate Dukan diet in your socializing.  If you apply these easy tips you will notice that seeing your friends while dieting is not a hassle. We are socializing creatures and any diet that is stopping you from having a normal life it will soon prove too challenging.


And that is why I love Dukan diet. It’s a way of life, not a fad diet.



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