July 28, 2014

Do You Hate Bikini?

There is always a good time to start working on those super lean thighs and perky butt.  And if you live in northern hemisphere I know you are wondering if there is enough time to lose fat from your thighs and butt before the summer arrives.

If you get a grasp of what I’m about to tell you, you will see that in no time you too will have firm thighs and butt. Imagine a moment when all the shops are full of summer fashion and while in the past, you only jealously glanced at the miniskirts and avoided bikinis, you now find yourself in a changing room feeling confident and sexy trying on bikinis. You might be stressed, however this time it’s not the image of your thighs and butt that is making you feel horrified, it is actually making a choice which bikinis to buy as they all look and feel perfect on you.

As you are sitting, reading this and hearing your voice telling you this will never happen to me, it’s time to make a promise and say I will do it? And you can…

I know you can, as I have a wonderful solution for you.

My friend Nick has been personal trainer for many years. He is also an osteopath and he has helped many people, just like you, achieve their weight loss goals in remarkable short periods. He prepared an awesome deal for you as a valuable reader of Firm Thighs and Butt. And as he says it the best himself, I give you his exact words:


“For less than the cost of 2 hours of my in person training rate, you get a completely customised training program, based on your unique needs, taking into account your unique circumstances.

Whether you train in an Olympic gym or your lounge room, I design programs that work.

On top of this, you will also receive ongoing nutritional counselling, to which I bring my flexible, customised approach.

You’ll receive unlimited access to my email account, a complete training program including everything from warm ups, strength, cardio and flexibility, taking the guesswork out of your workouts. Just show up and sweat.

But don’t take my word, check out what other clients have to say http://integratedstrength.com/testimonials

What are the conditions? You have to be willing to work hard, and commit for at least 3 months (long enough to make some lasting change).

For more info, contact me.

Nick  ”


Nick and I have been friends for 7 years and I witnessed many exceptional results.  My referral does not attract any commission but if you decide to give it a go I will ask you to mention to Nick that you came from my blog.

So what’s in it for me? It is my utmost pleasure to support Nick in his efforts and that I can offer my readers a solution that actually works and it doesn’t cost a fortune.

Does this sound something you could afford to do? If you give it a try you will see that you can get those firm thighs and butt by the time summer arrives.


I feel I am ready to make a change. Let’s contact Nick!



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